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To be sure, "Steam" was labeled as a so-called "One Hit Wonder"  sometime after the release of the 1969 hit song "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," but originally "Steam" was not a real band: The record was actually recorded by studio musicians, and a "nom de plume" was made up for the record release.   After the record became a surprise hit, a band of touring musicians was soon assembled to capitalize on the song by the legendary Paul Leka, one of the writers and a prominent industry record producer who also wrote hit songs for other bands and produced huge acts like REO Speedwagon.

Various versions of the touring band have come and gone over the long span of time, until it finally disappeared. Greg reformed the band with some of its former touring members in 1997, acquiring a federal trademark for the name. Although some of the musicians from the old days may again reassemble under our trademarked name (as in 1997) to pay tribute to Paul, these days Greg performs as a solo artist (with the band) and the band is once again a young band playing more up to date music. You will find that most of the musicians in today's band were not even born when the original (actual) band was sent out nearly fifty years ago, and the music we play may span from way back then up till today. 

Note: We want to ensure that we are not pigeonholed to any one genre of music, and that our fans understand we are not associated with several others out there making or holding various claims to fame of yesteryear.   Done


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