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New Band Member!


Introducing . . .

Jeffery Bravo


We would like to introduce a new member of the band hailing from the Chicago USA area ... Jeffery Bravo!  He’s already worked on a couple of initial mixes with us arranging and recording the music, and everyone will soon be hearing more from this highly talented young professional! 

Jeff’s bio –

It was the year 1978. A then young Jeffery Bravo saw the most amazing thing in his childhood since the Roadrunner. He saw four heroes on TV called Kiss. Amazed at this seeing larger than life superheroes playing guitar, and spitting fire, as well as witnessing rockets shoot out of Ace’s guitar the eight year old knew his calling.

          Somehow purchasing Kiss “Alive” life never changed. Soon after hearing the other sounds of Sabbath, AC/DC he had to get a guitar. In fear of these heroes-young Bravo’s parents bought him a cheap acoustic guitar learning from a Nun at school…from a Mel Bay Book.  Jeffery was not happy at the tender age of ten as this nun refused to show him the taps, bends and hog squeal techniques that he would eventually learn.

          Finally getting a Sears guitar and a Crate amp, he learned to burn. Starting with the icons of arena rock that he still holds true in his heart-he learned songs by ear from Kiss, Def Leppaard, Judas Priest and his favorite at the time Eddie Van Halen.

                   He moved on listening to many styles of music. Loving shred-Satriani/Malmsteen/Scorpions = his favorites, Arena-Neal Schon/Tom Scholz; Southern Rock/Country (Albert Lee/Duane Allmann/) and even Jazz (Mike Stern !!!) He spent many a night developing his chops learning scales, theory and harmony and found a competent teacher and took 2 years of Classical (Paul Hermann).

          He has played the Chicago Club Scene in Bands such as Jynxt, The Royal Vagrants,  Spoonfed, and Last Horizon. He has also don’t some recording gigs. Playing everywhere from Chicago Clubs, Blarney Island and everywhere else. Most notably one JP Dorsey Project where his song (Water Still Falls) that he wrote and arranged but got no credit for (Except his last name) on the “project” known as the Hurricane Katrina Relief. This song not only got airplay but also scored several thousand dollars for Victims. Jeffery was happy to co-write a song that helped so many.

          In 2009 Jeffery joined Steam and is currently working on it’s new CD, a new Greg Bravo solo CD, and a new Last Horizon Project.  He also is teaching Guitar in the Chicago area showing budding shredders how to rock…and how to read out of a Mel Bay Book. In addition, Jeffery also made his own instructional book.

          Jeffery uses Fender/Crate Amps. Line 6 Effects. Also plays his main axe which is now a Music Mann Petrucci Signature Model. 

Illinios Entertainer stated upon review of Jeffery’s CD-(THE RIDE) that he “ is a guitar talent to spare”.  Greg Bravo matches his shredding skills to many of the best he has ever known.




The song you hear playing in the background contains some heavy interpretive guitar riffs from Jeff greatly enhancing its psychedellic mood and experience!


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